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10 Tips For College Students To Stay Healthy


Most of the college students were forgetting to care about their health because most of the times Students having Homework, Studying, meetings, Social life activities, etc,.. Though they are busy at their work. they even don’t worry about their Health. So developing and following healthy habits will become much easier for the students to maintain and stay healthy throughout their lifespan. Here we go for the 10 healthy tips which make the College students remain healthy.

1. Eat Right Food

Healthy Eating at the right time will increase the immune system of the students. A healthy diet boost their overall health and retains the Normal weight to them. most of the time, they can’t eat healthy foods in college were they took meals from the cafeteria and fast food restaurants. It seems really difficult for them to get healthy foods. First thing they should not skip Breakfast. I know this may be challenging for them when they are rushing in the morning to get the classes at 8.00 am. but eating the banana or granola bar at morning will keep you overeating the whole day. Second thing is not to skip meals. You always allocate the time to eat healthy sandwiches and salads during dining. For late-night cravings, people try healthy alternatives as your most likely late-night foods. for example, if you are a pizza lover then eat with whole wheat crust, vegetable toppings like that instead of meat and low-fat cheese. snacking also a great way to keep your health in the hunt throughout the day. Try to avoid some unhealthy snacks. Just keep trying eating things like pre-cut vegetables and fruits, nuts, pita bread or string cheese. always keep these three things in mind while selecting the food: moderation, variety, and balance. Eat with a healthy balance amount of dairy, whole grains, fruits, Protein, and vegetables in daily routine.

2. Do Exercise

In our busy college schedule Exercising can be very difficult for students. but some of the College campuses make the way for the students to exercise daily. Just go to the class by walk which is the easiest way of exercising. Physical fitness classes and mural sports program is offered by most of the Colleges. Try to exercise 40 minutes a day depending on your class schedule. Do exercise in a fun way. many of the colleges offers memberships that are free or reduction payments in the gym for students. Kindly make use of this opportunity.

3. Get Enough Sleep

You may be an all-nighter preparing for an Exam or partying with friends until 3 a.m. If you do so, kindly ignore this habit. Improper sleep will lead to Brain function reduction, fatigue, headaches, and Weight loss, or gain. College students should compulsorily take 7 to 9 hrs deep sleep. Then only they get overall health improvement. If you want to stay rested to the whole day, go for a short Nap, Stick to the schedule, make your room dark and keep calm before going to Bed. Avoid some bad habits like Drinking caffeine, drinking and eating at the instant before the Bed

4. Wash Your Hands

Hand Washing will be the best Flu Defender for the College students who don’t want to miss the single class. Students are always close in contact with other persons: like through Classrooms, Hostel roommates, Roaming around the campuses. So the possibility of cold or any virus spreading for the students is more. Some medical studies states that one person’s simple handwashing habits will prevent them from Physical illness. Always have the habit of washing your hands before eating meals, you may touch your eyes, nose or mouth and also there is the possibility of touching other sick people.

5. Avoid Smoking

We all know that most of the Smoking people’s life are under Risk. Even Though occasional smokers also falls under diseases like lung cancer, Some Cardiac diseases, and emphysema. If you want to quit smoking, our Students health center will assist you.

6. Don’t Drink Caffeine and Sugary Beverages

Drinking Soda, energy drinks, and other caffeinated beverages Can look like beneficial while studying or when doing homework late at night. But, they are really harmful when we consume that for a Long time. The caffeine and sugar combination in these drinks may cause you to feel bad. Try to Consume High-Protein and High-fiber foods when your body needs some Sort of energy.

7. Get a Flu Shot

Getting Flu Shots in a regular period of time is the simplest way to protect us from Flu and be healthy all the time. Many of the Colleges offer Flu shots for minimum prices approx. under $25 to their Students. Still, It may be an Expensive cost for some students who are in budget Problems, Can get a shot at least once in a year.

8. Drink More Water

Body Hydration will help you Increasing Concentration and make you away from overeating. It refreshes your whole body and keeps you active and energetic for the whole day. Avoid drinking soda and Consume water instead. Always carry water when you are going to the class. In order to cost reduction, avoid plastic water bottles and use a water filter pitcher and a reusable water bottle.

9. Relax

Having classes and exams, college students are in some sort of Stress. Relaxation and Down-time are more essential for them to stay healthy. Being stress will cause many health problems both physically and mentally. The simplest way to get relax is that make yourself a routine for regular breaks, Spend some reasonable time with your friends, reading books, Watching TV Shows, follow on your hobby like that,…

10. Wear Sunscreen and Protect Your Skin From Tanning

Most of the College students will be visiting the beach on their holidays. Spending some time in the sun is not such a bad thing but be protective in the Sunlights. Use Sunscreen Whenever you go out in the Sun. Mostly avoid going out in the sunlight without protection. It will lead to the possibility of skin cancer.


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