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8 Health Problems That Can Be Reduced By Doing Strength Training


When you are suffering from heart disease or Some lower back pain, You should be very Protective on your health. Weight lifting, Doing some squad moves and Push-ups will make you Stronger and maintains your condition from not getting worse.

It Reduces fatigue in multiple sclerosis

According to the Signs of MS, a central nervous system disease, Nearly 80% of the people are affected by limb tingling, bladder control problems, Fatigue, and Balance difficulties. If you want to control these symptoms Do weight lifting.

Persons who have undergone Progressive resistance training in a six month period had experienced some considerable brain changes which reduce the disease progression.

People who are affected by Multiple Sclerosis Problem has Brain shrinkage faster than Normal Process, Researchers said in a press release, “Drugs can counter this development, but we saw a tendency that training further minimizes brain shrinkage in patients already receiving medication. In addition, we saw that several smaller brain areas actually started to grow in response to training,” said Ulrik Dalgas, associate professor in the department of public health at Aarhus University in Denmark.

Reduces The Lower back pain

Back Pain occurs for many reasons and it is most common nowadays. 80% of the people are suffering from this ache in their lifetime. But when you have back pain just move on, rather than taking a rest for healing. A small study published in BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine states that a person having lower back pain who has done

weight lifting sessions for 16 weeks feels 76% less pain and disability. Their quality of life has been improved. Some researchers state that Staying rest and inactive when suffering from back pain leads to fear-avoidance behaviour. Doing more Weight lifting will make you stronger both mentally and physically.

Improve mobility in Parkinson’s

People who are suffered from Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative movement disorder, mainly caused due to improper motor skills, which leads to tremors and impairment in movements. The symptoms cause at the early stages of this disease is a sense of smell reduction and depression problems. In 2017 one Italian review states that the Strength training is a good remedy for this Parkinson’s disease. Some researchers have concluded, it helps in improving physical symptoms and also makes Quality life.

Reduce Bone Loss in Osteopenia

For those peoples who want their bones stronger till entire life, they should do exercises like Jogging and Jump which are the load-bearing Workouts to make bones stronger. Also, Ensure to do Strength training. Women who suffer from osteopenia (bone loss that can precede osteoporosis) are advisable to do Exercise regularly and must include the Heavy workouts. In order to improve your bone mineral density, you should do exercise at least twice a week for two hours each. The Case study which is published in journal bone concludes that people who want to start Doing exercise Consistently is Quite difficult. But If we Start exercising regularly, Then our Bone mass will be preserved.

Increases The Fitness in Heart Disease

The American Heart Association (AHA) Suggests 30 minutes logging activity with average speed for 5 days in a week to get protect from Heart disease. You must jog daily and get sweat when you suffer from such heart diseases. One new 2017 research review in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology had to look out more studies and this Core training increases the aerobic movement than doing more aerobic exercise when trying to improve lower and upper core body strength.

Lowers Anxiety

We all know that Doing exercise is a Natural stress Buster and It makes you get relief stress and anxiety. Our Frontiers in Psychology states that Doing heavy resistance workout training in a single rep lowers your anxious feelings. Strength training makes the stress Hormone Cortisol levels down which forces your stress system back to normal.

Improves Better Breathing in COPD

If Someone suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), an incurable condition which makes the person difficult to breathe, may have thought that avoiding the GYM is safer for them. But they need to go to the gym to get rid of this disease. Reduction of muscle strength and weakness is the general things happen for COPD Patients. As per the case study in 2017, states that When COPD patients who has done Endurance and Strength training (30 mins/session and 3 times a week) gains muscle strength when compared to those done Endurance training or taking medication alone. Also, they identify that Doing an exercise like this is the Safest method to Improve healing from COPD.

Improves blood sugar management in type 2 diabetes

Exercise will Prevent you from Type 2 Diabetes. Doing Workouts and exercise dissolve the glucose present in the blood and converts it as energy. While the American Diabetes Association explains that, Strength training and cardio play an important role in Insulin management.

Strength Training also helps in improving Muscle mass Building and thus burns more calories. Not only that, but it also improves Glucose Control, States by Nutrition & Metabolism study. Do Resistance workout along with Aerobic exercise and keep your body fit and healthy.




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