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Allergic To The Cold – Here’s How That’s Possible

allergic to the cold heres how thats possible

This Woman Has a Life-Threatening Allergy to the Cold—Here’s How That’s Possible

Have you ever thought about someone Hating Winter? There she is, Kent Who living in Alberta, Canada having some severe allergic to cold. Her Problem is So Furious that She might go into anaphylactic shock when stepping out in the winter season within a few moments.

Kent First affected by this allergy when she was 14 years old. At that time, she went outside into the Snow and Suddenly fell down and she struggles to breathe. Initially, she thinks that this happened due to Food allergy and doesn’t consider this as much.  At last, after many years of Treatment and medical testing, She was diagnosed with essential cold urticaria (ECU). 

ECU is a chronic reactive skin Condition that spreads up when the Body is exposed to highly cold temperatures. ECU is the most extremely rare autoimmune disease.

Kate can spend only about 5 minutes outside before the Problem occurs. Even when she is holding a chilled Bottle or when she walks to reach the car doors and Low-temperature living area will never favor for her.

“It is a slow process, starting as small pin-sized hives on my arm that get bigger and begin to become raised,” she told the Daily Mail. “At their largest, my whole body can look like a whole swollen welt. It causes my skin to burn and itch, for my throat, it’s like asthma where you are wheezing harder and find it difficult to breathe.” 

Kent used to go to the hospital 3 times a month for Medications. The Diet alteration and Reduction in Food intake that contains histamine, a chemical released from the body after allergy, reduced her number of hospital visits to twice a month now.

“I can go into full-blown anaphylactic shock, so I have to carry an EpiPen,” Kent said. “It’s terrifying knowing that if I’m in an area without access to medical help and my throat closes up, I could be at serious risk.”

We might wonder why she doesn’t she migrate to the warmer Place, Actually, her Allergic Symptoms spreads in the Summer season too.

“Even in 30-degree Celsius weather, a cool breeze or jumping into a pool can cause allergy hives,” she said. “Air conditioning is terrible and not my friend either.

Even holding a cold drink and if I want ice in it, I will feel my fingers are swollen after.”

Kent should be careful of getting about too hot, this will make her things even worse. When she feels overheating and her body will try to reduce the temperature and Cools itself.

Due to this rare and less Knowledge of ECU Allergic reaction, every day is the Challenging one for Kent. Most people don’t understand her Situation which makes her difficult to Survive in Daily life.

“People often don’t believe me or know it’s a real allergy. They say, ‘Yes Arianna, we know you’re always cold but that doesn’t mean you’re allergic to it,’” she said. “Even when I’ve been to the hospital and explain to them that I have an allergy to the cold, some professionals have no idea and look at me like I’m crazy.”

ECU is real and really Kent is so thankful, as this will create awareness among most of the peoples.


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