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Causes of issues with sleep


Different physical, medical, psychiatric or environmental factors can cause sleep problems. It is true that approximately half of those over 65 years old have certain kinds of sleep disorder.

Different factors may cause sleep problems. Although there are different causes, the end result of every sleep disorder is that the normal sleeping and wakefulness process of the body is disrupted or exacerbated.

Factors that may cause problems with sleep are :

  • Physical (such as ulcers)
  • Medical (such as asthma)
  • Psychiatric (such as depression and anxiety disorders)
  • Environmental (such as alcohol)

Life pressures (such as job loss or transition, death or movement of a beloved), sickness, or environmental factors such as light, noise and extreme temperatures may cause short or acute insomnia.

Factors like depression, chronic stress, and pain or night discomfort can cause long-term or chronic insomnia (insomnia that takes place at least three nights weekly for a month or more).

A common cause of chronic insomnia is emotional reaction. Sleep issues thoughts (for example, what if I don’t sleep this evening?) and sleep-related habits (for example, sleep in, and sleep in the bed, ruminating in the bed) continue to sustain symptoms of insomnia.

Additional factors that may interfere with sleep


Researchers identified a genetic basis for narcolepsy, a neurological sleep disorder that affects sleep control and wakefulness.

The night shift works

Persons working at night sometimes suffer sleep disorders because when they begin to feel drowsy, they can’t sleep. Their behaviors run counter to their’ biological clocks.’


Many medicines can disturb sleep.


Approximately half of all adults over the age of 65 have sleep disorder. It is not clear whether it is a normal part of ageing or attributable to drugs widely used by older people.


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