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Digital Eye Strain


What is Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is the Short term eye discomfort that occurs a few hours after using Digital devices. Digital eye strain is caused by using electronic devices like Computers, Televisions, Smartphones, tablets, Play stations, and e-readers simultaneously. Repeated switching of the device will also cause Digital eye strain.

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

  • Vision Blurring
  • Headaches
  • Shoulder, Neck and Back pain
  • Eye irritation
  • Red and Dry eye
  • Eye fatigue

What Causes Digital Eye StrainThe cause for Digital eye strain Doesn’t depend on a single behavior. There are So many Issues that causes irritation and discomfort to the eye. Digital Devices have Pixelated images and print makes us difficult to read and our eyes have to strain a little bit to focus on reading the content. This problem also occurs due to Improper holding of Devices. computer eye strain is caused by Blue light a.k.a high-energy visible (HEV) light emitted from the computer. vision problems such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration are caused by this HEV light that also causes more eye strain.  Digital eye strain also gets increases for adults who are wearing eyewear. This occurs due to the corrective lenses that are not able to view the center distance range in Computers and electronics devices.

How to Reduce Digital Eye Strain

By Reducing the usage of Social media we can prevent Digital Eye Strain. But Most of the US people who can’t able to reduce their Social Community usage.

The warning symptoms of Digital Eye Strain are eye, neck and shoulder pain. So take care of these things. So, Kindly follow our remedy steps to prevent from Eye Strain before your eyes get fatigued or irritated due to these symptoms.

  • Keep your distance: Always maintain a comfortable distance between your eyes and your Digital devices(Screens). 
  • Keep clean your device’s screen regularly. It will reduce glare and maintains our eyes soft and reduced eye strain.
  • Maintain Low light surroundings while using Devices and avoid using them at direct sunlight.
  • Reduce glare: Adjust your Screen Brightness and change your Background color to cool gray. If possible, use some glare reduction filters which are available to the computer screen.
  • 20-20-20 break: While using Digital devices take a 20-sec break for every 20 minutes and look long-distance sight at that time. This will make a huge impact in reducing Digital Eye Strain.
  • Wear Computer glasses such as Anti-Reflective Coating glass(ARC glass) to prevent our eyes from Digital strain.

Frequent Blinking: We can’t blink our eyes so much while seeing digital screens. This makes our eyes get dry soon. To avoid this, keep on blinking as you can. This helps our eyes to focus and remains soft.


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