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Does Elliptical Jogging have the same benefits?

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If you’re looking for a fitness workout, both are doing the trick with an elliptical machine or jogging. And because the best exercise is the one with which you will stay, it’s good to do whatever thing you’re doing. That said, there are advantages to the low impact of the elliptical as well as to the flexibility of jogging provided by no equipment. Whatever you choose, try to achieve a moderate intensity of 150 to 300 minutes a week or a vigorous intensity of 75 to 150 minutes a week.


Get your aerobic kicks with jogging or elliptical training. They provide aerobic benefits to improve the efficiency of your heart pump while increasing your lung functions. A stronger heart needs fewer beats to circulate throughout the body, resulting in a lower heart rate of rest and blood pressure. Cardio thus helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, the biggest killer of both men and women. Aerobic exercise also reduces type 2 diabetes and is associated with lower colon, lung and breast cancer.

Burn Calorie

The benefit of cardio is that you can use speed or strength to burn as little or as many calories as you want. A person of 155 pounds will torch about 300 calories in a moderate elliptical 30-minute session, the equivalent of a 5 mph jog. Nevertheless, the elliptical system provides two ways to increase your burn: increase your resistance or push your legs faster. Jogging is free to run for a few seconds and then go back to a medium-range gait, to speed up your metabolism.

Bone health

Jogging is a high-impact sport, good news for your bones. The result of your feet resting on the ground prevents loss of bone and may even increase density over time. It means a reduced risk of osteoporosis, which usually affects women at age. Jogging focuses particularly on your legs, lower back and hips, which are notoriously vulnerable to fracture. Since the elliptical does not have the same impact, the effect on bones is much less.


The little impact of elliptical workouts can lead to less bone building, but it also saves your knees. Although “runner’s knee” can afflict those who play regularly, it’s not an elliptical problem. With proper use, this machine should not cause any knee pain, keep your back straight and face forward and involve your abdominal muscles. But the elliptical can still cause problems if you have a knee history. If your knees get swollen, talk to your doctor about alternatives.


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