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Eat this at night and you will almost burn the fat in your sleep


We all know that eating regularly late in the night can lead to increased weight. This is particularly true when you snack food containing refined carbohydrates and stocks — such as bread and rice, as well as guilty foods such as potato chips and cookies — low in fiber, high in sugar. Of course, they can fix your hunger quickly, but if you do not use the energy converted, these calories can be stored as fat. Talk about your waistline bad news.

Nevertheless, experts say it’s best not to go hungry to bed (and why here). So what should you do when your stomach begins to rumble after the lights turn out? Try to get a high-protein snack such as cottage cheese.

This was the food used in the 2018 study in the British Journal of Nutrition published by Florida State University, which showed that consuming 30 grams of protein approximately 30 minutes prior to bed might have a positive metabolism impact. Although this study was small and involved only 20 active women, it was the first to explore this option in whole foods, in contrast to the protein shakes and other protein supplements investigated in previous studies.

Not a fan of cottage cheese?

Don’t worry: a ton of other good protein choices are available for you. The report says Bridgette Agee, a registered nurse and a Bariatric Program Director at Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital, California, “Try eating sliced, lean protéins, such as chicken, roast beef, tofus, boiled eggs or a small handful of almonds 30 minutes before sleep to maintain night satiety” “These foods will also provide the energy needed to make your weight loss work worse.” Mandarins or walnuts are some of your best foods and are particularly good tips for people who are intolerant to lactose, vegan or just do not care for milk. In general, the nuts are high in good fats, a good source of protein and nutrients such as vitamin E, selenium and magnesium, just to mention a few. Just remember to eat them carefully — i.e. keep it only a handful— as calories can quickly add up.

If milk is no problem, you might also want to consider string-cheese mozzarella sticks. These small but powerful snacks offer 6 grams of protein with just one gram of carbohydrate, calcium and vitamin D at less than 100 calories per pop. Moreover, thanks to their prepackaged portions, you won’t have to worry about excessive consumption.

While this small tweak can work some magic, calories are cutting down on the actual key to weight loss. Releasing unhealthy snacks is a major part of this, and good planning can help. “Sequencing your meals every four to five hours from a lean protein and vegetable will provide you with the necessary energy to activate and maintain weight loss,” Agee says. “When planning, you can be sure[ also] that you have healthier choices available to eliminate mindless snacking.” Check out the 30 healthy snacks to help you lose weight and to curb your cravings.


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