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Important Things To Remember When Charging Your Phone On Bed


If you have a habit of falling asleep while scrolling through Facebook? Then you need to find better sleeping habits. Using Mobile Phone while you are sleeping will cause some serious problems.

A post from the Newton Fire Department in New Hampshire goes viral in 2017 with a warning. The department shared photos on Facebook from an English mom whose teenage daughter fell asleep with her phone charging under her pillow.

Sometimes the exposed wires or cables make big risks, this might cause that teen’s phone fire,

says Brad Nichols, a technician with technology repair service company Staymobile. “Any time you’re working with damaged electronics or exposed wiring, there’s always a fire risk,” he says. “If you have a frayed cable or anything else like that, it’s better to replace it than to try to mend or repair it, especially with how cheap they are.” Stop using other brand chargers which damages your phone.

Mobile phones with good conditions might don’t catches fire and charging phones overnight overheat, but we can’t expect to happen. If we use phones overtime or when we place our mobile under the pillow, the risk factor will increase. This happens because when the phone gets charge or drain the battery, the phone dissipates low heat. If you drain your battery while charging, your phone dissipates more heat. , Nichols says. “The problem is when it’s covered with cloth and doesn’t allow the heat to escape.

Just sleeping with your phone probably isn’t a fire hazard, though. After all, it’s not getting any less breathing room under your covers than it would in your pocket, says Nichols. “But if you have a combination of worst-case scenarios—a manufacturer defect, charging phone, playing music or watching videos—and you fall asleep, you could definitely generate enough heat to cause a problem,” he says. “But I haven’t heard of any cases of fire where there was not a manufacturer defect.”

Follow the manual and stick to their Safety guidelines for safe charging. Always charge a phone on flat surface and make sure doesn’t have any inflammatories around. Check the foreign objects in the connector or plug. But Nichols says just keeping an eye on your phone is a good bet.

When your phone starts overheating, switch off the charger and cool down the device for some time. “If it’s so hot you can’t touch it, there’s most likely something wrong with it,” Nichols says.


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