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In Bananas what are Vitamins Present

vitamins present in bananas

A banana is a sweet, comfortable food which provides about 110 calories of high-fiber nutrition in each serving. Since your body uses carbohydrates before protein and fat, eating a banana will improve your energy rapidly, making them popular with fitness enthusiasts and athletes. The bulk of the benefits of banana products are minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus, but they also provide some of the vitamins the body requires every day.

Vitamin B6

A medium banana gives approximately one fifth of the vitamin B6 1,3 to 1,5 milligrams you need every day. According to the national health institutes ‘ dietary supplements office, having sufficient vitamin B6 will reduce the risk of heart disease and other kinds of cancer. This may decrease the cognitive capacity of older adults and minimize the frequency of premenstrual syndrome. Persons with autoimmune disorders, alcohol abuse and renal failure are vulnerable to vitamin B6 deficiencies and may benefit from the addition of bananas to their diet.

Vitamin C and Iron

While citrus fruits and berries provide more vitamin C, bananas provide you with approximately 15% of your recommended daily allowance, improved cell-regenerating antioxidants in your body and strengthened your immune system. Two percent of your daily iron needs are also supplied by a banana. Since vitamin C helps your body absorb iron, it is beneficial to have these two nutrients in the same food.


Several foods are rich in potassium, a mineral used to maintain stable blood pressure with sodium, water and other nutrients. The Food and Nutrition Committee of the Institute of Medicine recommends that adults consume 4.7 grams of potassium per day, an aim that is impossible to attain since vitamin manufacturers can provide just 99 milligrammes per capsule. Each banana contains 450 milligrams of potassium that helps to fulfill the need of your body. A banana also provides 10-15% of the RDA for magnesium and 3% for phosphorus.


 A plant contains a small amount of vitamins, but it responds to some important advantages with other chemicals in the plants. Bananas also contain amino acid tyrosine, which interacts with other vitamins to help the brain produce norepinephrine, a dopamine-like chemical. This combination will improve alertness, motivation, memory and concentration, another explanation why bananas are often chosen by athletes during water breaks. Often contain tyrosine are almonds, avocados, lima beans, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.


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