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Is Elliptical a Good Cardio Workout for Fat Burning?


Is Elliptical Good for Cardio workouts?

The elliptical machine is one of the best trainers for Cardio workouts and burns calories faster. Harvard Health Publications states that, With an elliptical trainer, we can burn up to nearly 800 calories in a one-hour workout. Not all elliptical machines produce the same results, they differ with some aspects and can’t suit everyone in cardio workouts.

So, take a look at it and consider the essential factors while using the elliptical machine.

elliptical machine Full Body cardio workouts

Most of the elliptical machines are designed with pedals attached to moving handlebars. By pushing and pulling the handlebar stimulates the upper body muscles and creates a full-body workout. We can adjust the movement by varying the wheel resistance to doing harder workouts. Therefore, more calories will burn as the muscles are triggering equally. So, Don’t rest your hands by simply holding handlebars without pulling and pushing. It doesn’t effective for your workout. Use your arms to the workout and burn more calories.

Elliptical trainer Size

Like I said before, all elliptical trainers are not the same. They have variable stride lengths in order to suit all body shapes. If you are having short or long strides, have to face some problems particularly when buying an elliptical machine for home-usage. If the elliptical trainer is not comfortable for you initially, then it never will be. In such a case, You can prefer treadmill or cycle cardio machines. 


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