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MuscleTech Phase 8 Review


Review of MuscleTech Phase 8 Supplement

Is this MuscleTech Period 8 the very best whey protein powder available in the industry? How can it be different? Can it be one of the very best muscle building supplements?

Welcome to this review of this MuscleTech Period 8 whey protein muscle building nutritional supplement. As you probably already know, there is an abundance of whey protein supplements in the marketplace nowadays. Within the past year, I have been reviewing the Significant products in the Marketplace from the following sellers, MusclePharm, Gaspari Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, EAS, along with many others. And it’s an ever-growing record.

Specifying the best whey protein powder available in the industry is problematic for many vendors who virtually are stating their product is your very best. It’s surely not like it was from the early ’80s either. As soon as I began weight training, there were just a couple of protein powders on the market and they were equally oversold then as they’re now.

But, there’s a difference today — many products available on the market nowadays are really quality goods which truly produce results.

To this end, I put on a job study to find out the best muscle building supplements in the marketplace nowadays. The MuscleTech Stage 8 merchandise is just one of those I have reviewed.

(If interested, you may scan the expanding list of testimonials on this site here.)

Thus, without further adieu, let us now enter this particular offering by Muscle Tech and their Stage 8 protein supplement merchandise.

MuscleTech Stage 8 Product Features

The MuscleTech protein powder consists of six distinct proteins, but milk whey protein components form the heart of the goods. It’s created from six protein resources, however, they’re all soy and milk-based.

This makes sense among the proteins it is made out of is micellar casein, and it will be a slow-digesting milk protein derivative. In reality, the majority of bodybuilding supplement businesses offer you another casein protein product only for this purpose.

Each spoonful of this protein powder includes 26 grams and is a good number for fitness fans to synthesize new muscle and/or to fix damaged tissue due to work out.

Additionally, it has based on MuscleTech, half of the fat along with the carbohydrates. That’s a great selling point for many and is something MuscleTech highlights within their sales copy among other items.

The Stage 8 merchandise has largely positive reviews for its own taste. Just a small minority couple dislikes the flavor.

This is somewhat odd as most provide directly 2 pound, 5 pound, and 10 cm merchandise offerings.

This ensures strict excellent control of raw material evaluation and testing, production practices, and cleanliness of all facilities. Even though there’s absolutely no mention of it in their site, Muscle Tech has an FDA registered laboratory with a cGMP certificate. If a business has NSF sports supplement GMP compliance, then they often tout it as a quality-control benchmark, but for a reason, MuscleTech doesn’t. They do not understand the world nature of the facilities but they don’t enlarge it.

They need to for customers are getting increasingly more educated and are searching for quality goods more than ever before.

Additionally, it must be noticed that the merchandise has soy and milk derivatives and their goods are made in centers that procedures milk, egg, wheat germ, and shellfish derivatives. Consequently, in case you’ve got an allergy to anybody of these products, you need to speak with your physician before using it.

How Much Costs MuscleTech Phase 8 Product?

MuscleTech inexplicably does not provide a warranty on their nutritional supplements, they’ll, obviously, accede to the seller or retail outlet in which you purchased the item. I’ve asked of them seeing their warranty as well as yet haven’t obtained a supply. Among the reasons, I urge Amazon is because of their great warranty and client services. They have won the ForeSee customer support award for 2 years running. For much more detail about Amazon’s warranty, go here to learn more.

Consumer Reports

On a single site on the internet, there are more than 1,934 testimonials of this Muscle Tech Phase 8 product using a ranking of 9.2 out of 10. On Amazon.com, you will find 45 reviews with the seller I advocate with a mean of 4.6 out of a possible 5.0. Certainly, the item is well considered by the user. Here are some customer testimonials for your Muscle Tech Phase 8 merchandise.


From David Bresnahan

Flavor Title: Strawberry

I will break it down to ya here about the strawberry taste that I like best between chocolate and that along with PB chocolate. .

Taste: 10/10 — may give this material a better score? I’m honestly amazed how well this one is set together! I would compare this strawberry taste to crunch berries possibly?? YUM!!

This substance mixes perfectly with water or milk, not gritty or clumpy. Only a lot of foam in the top which suggests quality whey isolate.

Nutrition: 10/10 — I nearly want to provide a lower score in dread I sound like a shill. However, this stuff actually does have everything. 26 g protein per scoop, 7 g carbs (just one 1 g of that can be sugar) — that this substance is packed with added BCAAs and glutamine.

Digestion: 9/10 — This substance doesn’t upset the stomach at least. This material has a genuine clean texture. No problems like hurrying into a bathroom in dread of something volatile hah. . A couple of protein farts perhaps but come on. . That is to be expected.

Cost: 9/10 — we would like to determine protein costs fall, but that is simply not a reality. Everything else is moving up and this material isn’t prohibitively costly. 100% worth the cash to me.

Overall I can’t recommend this product! Great price, fantastic flavor and amazing profile!!

Well Impressed

From Jack1985XI have tried your fundamental series, performance collection and focused string solutions. I enjoy this protein since it blends nicely and it tastes great and it is producing results. Needless to say, my entire bodybuilding workouts and also the use of both nanostim and neuro core along with other sports nutritional supplements help, also, but I think that it’s an excellent product.

Finest Protein Powder!

I have been exercising for about five decades now, and I’ve used a variety of protein powder manufacturers. By far MuscleTech has supplied the best mix in flavor and outcomes. It becomes very creamy once you combine it with milk that I adore, and does not give me the tingling sensation after drinking it!

5 Stars

This protein digested with simplicity such as no other and I’ve never experienced any distress.

I’ve attempted many proteins and haven’t seen the outcomes like I’m seeing today.

Taste:9/10 — Lots of proteins have tried, and I’ve attempted enough to base an opinion, have experienced me want to throw the bathtubs out the window out of how bad they thought. This was really tolerable and really enjoyable. I tried both the chocolate and vanilla in milk and water, however, the vanilla entirely takes the cake. I provide the flavor and 9.

Worth:9/10 — Cost for the item is fairly affordable. However, to me, I’d like it if they left the parts a bit more extensive.

Its flavor is pleasurable, the advantages of being hydrolyzed, it’s worth is quite decent, but its efficacy is what causes me to give this item a 10/10, I strongly suggest this to anybody who desires full effectiveness of the nourishment and is mild on the belly.

Actual Milk-Chocolate Taste

Great taste & powerful to me. It is different from the Volume Profit powder provided by Muscletech that you’ll truly feel that artificial flavor before.

Fantastic Protein, Beautiful Taste

Good quality, I’m personally not a massive lover of the flavor but it may be concealed simple enough with some banana or a spoonful or any better tasting protein blended in

Decent Flavor, Adequate Texture

I bought this from another website and need to say, it is a tiny bit of a battle to get down. The taste is not too bad. Perhaps somewhat candy, but complete, the taste is OK. Texture-wise, it is similar to the older protein powders in the 70’s and 80’s. It is almost like I chucked a tbsp of bread in a glass of Strawberry fast. I have been drinking protein powders for quite a while, and I have low expectations to start with, however that one is in another course.

I gave it 3 stars since I am sure the true grade of the protein is great, and I really appear to feel more satisfied than normal whey powders. On the flip side, I can not wait until I am done with this particular jar. I have just tried this with water at a mixer jar, so perhaps it’s better in a blender?

It’s a Great Product That Does What It’s Provided About The Page; Congrats About the Caliber of The Item

It’s a great product that does exactly what it’s provided on the webpage, Congratulations on the character of the item and its attributes.

Great Materials

This is actually great stuff, particularly when you’re able to locate the 4.6 pound baths for $30. I like the vanilla as it’s more flexible in relation to what you may conjure up. It’s quite fine in texture, so it blends more easily than many protein powders. The taste is great, but large sports vanilla shakes nevertheless the king in my book.

The downsides reported about the MuscleTech Stage 8 merchandise are that it does not blend well and the flavor isn’t satisfactory. This affirms that each has a different outlook for many who have commended its own taste. But that’s just about the number one drawback I came across in my research.”


  • All of MuscleTech goods are created in an FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant center — a top mark of excellent
  • The item is extremely popular and sells quite nicely
  • MuscleTech is one of the most well-respected sports nutritional supplement companies which focus on bodybuilding nutritional supplements
  • Its flavor is famous by its customers


  • There is absolutely not any item guarantee information MuscleTech’s site
  • It uses a lot of additives
  • It utilizes carbon dioxide (silica or sand granules), acesulfame potassium (a diuretic that’s 200x sweeter than glucose ), and sucralose (Splenda)

Where Can I Purchase It?

You can purchase it from any variety of eCommerce and offline retailers, but I advocate purchasing it from Amazon.com now, October 1st, 2020, however, you’re free to pick. That choice will provide you the chocolate to purchase a cream & biscuits choice, go here.

Why Amazon? A couple reasons. 1) Since they have several sellers competing for your company and so it gets the best deals from all over the Internet I can see. 2) You may find a fantastic choice. As stated, however, you’re absolutely free to pick.

I am hoping this MuscleTech Stage 8 inspection has been useful to you.


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