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Top 10 Most Common Health Issues

  1. Nutrition deficiency and Physical Activities
  2. Obesity
  3. Tobacco
  5. Drugs and Alcohol
  6. Mental Health
  7. Injury and Violence
  8. Environmental Quality
  9. Immunization
  10. Health care Accessibilities.

Nutrition deficiency and Physical Activities

Latest Health Researchers state that, The Person with good Physical activities is Prevented from or delayed to certain diseases includes Cardiac disease, diabetes, cancer and even gets relief from depression. Physical inactivity often tends to advance age. Do Exercise, Walking and Jogging every day To stay physically fit and Healthy. Exercise your Food habitats also play a vital role in your Health. Always try to eat Food with Rich Nutrients. Avoid Junk foods, Sweets and Candies which are high in calories.

Overweight and Obesity

Excess Weight and Obesity Will rise the Possibility of Suffering from Hypertension, Coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, Sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, respiratory problems, dyslipidemia, and endometrial, breast, prostate, and colon cancers.


Tobacco has become the most Dangerous cause of illness and premature death in the United States. The Disease caused by Tobacco is termed as “Tobacco dependence disease“. The  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says People who are trying to Quit Smoking is being more successful when they get advice from the Respective Specialists.


IN the United States, over 10 to 15% of Senior People above the age of 50 are Suffered from HIV. But unfortunately between the years 1991-1996, More young Adults are affected by AIDS. Seniors are rarely using Condoms and their are naturally weaken Immune systems because of age are similar to the  HIV Symptoms like Fatigue, weight loss, Skin rashing problem, dementia, swollen lymph nodes, etc,… Due to their aging in time of Sexual activities and Drug usage keeps the HIV symptoms unidentifiable. So that Elders were not Supposed to use for any Research purposes, Drug trials, Prevention activities.

Drugs and Alcohol

As young adults, Seniors also use Self-induced legal and illegal drugs and alcohol which may cause severe health issues to them. In addition to this, old people are desperately mix medications and consume alcohol without any knowledge. So, because of our thought among older people’s behavior, lots of medical persons may refuse to ask about their Drugs and alcohol consumption.

Mental Health

When Talk about mental health, we need to know about Dementia. It can be caused by some diseases, Side effects of medications, Infections, Hearing and vision problems, diabetes, Nutritional imbalance, and Renal failure. Dementia doesn’t occur due to aging. This dementia can be of many types and some of them are temporary. Another most common mental health issue which causes late-in-life is Depression. If we don’t consider depression as a serious issue and left Proper treatment, it will lead to Suicide. The Surprising fact is that the Suicide rate is much higher for the elder white people when compared to any other age group including adult peoples.

Injury and Violence

When compared to youngsters, Old people mostly fall under the Cause of injuries, admitted to Hospital for Trauma, and Death owing to Injury. Medical stats says, one person of every three old people (age of 65 or above) will fall under injury and violence every year.

There are some remedies for the reduction of injuries which include Exercise in order to improve the strength and balance. Home security is much needed for them in Preventing intruders. Fire Safety protection devices should implement in their Houses. Because old people aged 65 and above are likely to die in a fire accident which is twice the rate of other people who have died.

Environmental Quality

We all know that the Pollution in our Earth causing serious damage for us. Particularly government studied that the Living areas of middle-class peoples and ethnic minorities are the most affected areas by pollution. People in that location are facing more Environmental Problems when compared to the General population.


Influenza and pneumonia are some of the dangerous death caused by older peoples. Influenza vaccination has helped old peoples for a cure. Pneumonia remains the most serious infections, particularly for older women.





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