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Unexplained loss of weight? Why do you need a doctor?

unexpected weight loss

This may be an early sign of diabetes.

By Sue Cotey and Andrea Harris, we can all gain or lose a pound or two. We owe ourselves too much, and then put into a few additional workouts.

So if you haven’t tightened your diet belt or your workout routine has risen, and your weight continues to fall, speak to your doctor.

Although loss of weight of only one or two pounds is not a problem, unexplained loss of weight of ten or more pounds may cause something to go wrong. It may be an early sign of diabetes.

This weight loss can be fairly gradual over several weeks to a few months.

Why does diabetes lead to loss of weight?

Insulin is a hormone that helps the body to use energy with glucose (sugar).

When you have type 2 diabetes, the body does not properly use insulin and cannot carry the glucose to the cells. Rather, it develops in the blood.

When your cells do not have glucose, the body feels it’s hungry and finds a way to make up for it. It produces strength by rapidly consuming fat and muscle. This results in unexplained loss of weight.

Your kidneys also continue to work overtime to absorb excess blood sugar. This requires extra energy and can cause kidney damage.

Type 1 diabetes has a similar pattern, but the body stops making it entirely instead of being unable to use insulin.

Unexplained weight loss can occur in people with type 2 diabetes, not in people with type 1. Families are also the first to witness the unexpected loss of weight in a child with type 1 diabetes.

What other signs are you expected to look for?

Diabetes weight loss is not typically a separate symptom. Many signs and symptoms, including: extreme hunger or hunger, usually accompany it.

  • So much urination.
  • Itchy skin. 
  • Dark skin and axes around the face.
  • Slow heals and wounds healing.
  • Infections of the yeast.
  • Unusual tiredness.
  • Mood shifts, irritability included.
  • Increases in vision.

It is necessary to be conscious that an unexpected loss of weight is not natural.

This is not only a symptom of diabetes, but can also point to certain diseases, gastrointestinal tract problems, metabolism or thyroid problems. See the doctor as soon as possible if you lose weight and don’t know why.


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