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What Is ‘Feather Duvet Lung? Man Has Allergic Reaction To His New Feather Bedding


During winter seasons, Most of the people use featherbedding which gives us Warm and Comforts While sleeping. But, some case study says that Feather filled bedding is not suitable for everyone.

According to our latest report, A non-smoking man with an age of 43 years has been affected by “malaise, fatigue, and breathlessness” for the last 3 months. Then he consulted a physician for a diagnosis. With the help of the medical report, the Doctor confirmed that the Old man is suffering from Lower Respiratory infection. The Physician tried to heal the problem, but unfortunately, the Symptoms get worse within a few weeks.

“Going upstairs to bed was a 30 minute activity as I could only manage two stairs at a time and then needed to sit and rest,” he said in the case report. “I was signed off work and spent most of the time asleep.”

The Person Visited the Doctor again after a few days and took an X-ray and CT scan. That report indicated severe inflammation in that person’s lungs. The Doctor asked him about his daily routines and recent activity changes in order to find the root cause of his allergy. He explained that he had recently bought a new feather duvet and feather pillows to change his synthetic bedding.

Finally, Doctor discovered the Problem with the help of Blood test Report of that Person clearly specifies that his blood avian precipitins were strongly positive, means that he had developed antibodies to a compound he was breathing in from his bedding. Then the Doctors diagnosed him with “feather duvet lung.”

What is Feather Duvet Lung?

“Feather duvet lung” is a type of Hypersensitive Pneumonitis (HP), an extremely sensitive reaction of the body’s immune system response to an outside trigger—in this case, organic dust from feathers causes inflammation in the lung’s air sacs and airways which makes some serious breathing problem.

What are the Symptoms of Feather Duvet Lung and How to Diagnose?

We can’t specify the symptoms for feather duvet lung exactly. It may be exposed in an hour or it can take years to identify this problem. The Symptoms range from malaise and influenza, like night sweats, dry cough, weight loss and fever— through to acute breathlessness occurring four to eight hours following feather antigen exposure.

It is quite hard to diagnose FDL due to its “heterogeneous and non-specific presentation”. Researchers come up with some suggestions that, If the Patients came with respiratory symptoms, Doctors are advised to ask about they have any pets at home, but not feather exposure. The blood test is the best way to FDL Diagnosis. However, it is very Crucial for the Physician to “take really detailed histories” of their Patients to identify the exact root cause of this FDL (“Feather Duvet Lung”).

Treatment For Feather Duvet Lung Problem

The case study states that FDL can be healed quickly by removing the featherbedding from the Patient’s bed and use other Bedding. Then the FDL Patient will slowly recover from the Symptoms and will become completely well after 6 months of medication.


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