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What is the Best Time to Take Vitamins


Proper Vitamins Consumption

Your vitamin consumption time mainly depends on what types of vitamins you are taking. Some vitamins can effectively work after a meal, something is good to take with an empty stomach. Have the habit of consuming Vitamins at the right time every day to avoid issues. 

It is not possible to heal the body with all the nutrition in the same way. So, Consuming vitamins in a proper way will benefit you most of the time. 

Right Time to Take

Prenatal Vitamins

prenatal vitamins is actually a multivitamin, The best time of taking this vitamin is before lunch. So, our body absorbs all the essentials from the vitamins.

According to the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), The vitamin contains Elements like Calcium, Folic acid and Iron are considered as the best prenatal vitamins. Iron absorbs excellently in an empty stomach and can’t absorb properly if you’ve eaten Dairy items recently. Iron is the Best absorbent, and you should consume it with some Cool drinks that contain Vitamin C like, Orange Juice, Lemon, etc,…

Some women are affected by Nausea and Constipation, who are consuming prenatal vitamins for their diet. Some of the prenatal vitamin brands suggest consuming this with an empty stomach or with a glass of water. 

 Consuming this vitamin in the early morning or without food will make you suffer. So, try to take vitamins before going to bed. Also, try to consume this every day as possible because these prenatal vitamins are having better Cumulative benefits. 

Few vitamins have to be taken on a daily basis with some food and supplements as it can’t store to the body. During Pregnancy, Folic acid Consumption protects against spina bifida and other neural tube effects. So, try to consume Prenatal vitamins with folic acid a year before becoming pregnant.

Good Time to Consume Fat-Soluble Vitamins

The Suitable time to intake Fat-soluble vitamins is your evening meal time. These Vitamins are Fat soluble in nature and it dissolves with our body with the help of Fats present inside the Human body. These Vitamins are get diluted with our Bloodstreams and do the necessary things. These Vitamins contain Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K.

These excess Fat-soluble vitamins are usually stored in the liver. So, Consuming these Fat-soluble vitamins along with the meals is the best way for us, because the meals contain saturated fats and oils.

Best Time to Take Water-Soluble Vitamins

Water-soluble vitamins should be consumed with an empty stomach to attain better results. So, you can take these vitamins in the morning, two hours after a meal, or 30 minutes before eating.

Water-soluble vitamins dissolve quickly in water as our body can use it better. Vitamins like vitamin C, all types of B vitamins, and Folic acid (Folate) are soluble in water. Enough amount of vitamins will be consumed by your body and the remaining will be flushed through urine. Thus your body can’t store these vitamins, better register them with your diet or try some other supplements.

Best time to Consume B vitamins

When you wakes up, have a habit of consuming Vitamin B with an empty stomach in the morning.

Vitamin B is a family of water-soluble vitamins, and it is like a stress buster and energy booster once after consumption. Some of the most popular vitamins are B-2, B-6, B-12. The Stress reduction benefits of Vitamin B can be well-proven and it will increase the mood. 

Things We Shouldn’t do when taking vitamins

Vitamin supplements can aid in maintaining our health in good condition. But unlike that, consuming certain vitamins in excess will lead to some side effects. Always Be Aware of what vitamins you are consuming along with drugs mentioned in the prescription, and compare their combinations. for example, we don’t combine Vitamin K with the blood thinner warfarin (Coumadin), also don’t consume vitamins above the recommended amount.

You should not increase the intake level of prenatal vitamins when you are Pregnant. Because, if you need iron to your body, then prenatal vitamins will get you that. But, when consuming more Iron supplements, it increases too much vitamin A (retinol) which causes some serious problems to the baby. We can’t get too many vitamins when you are not eating food properly. 

When you are eating foods, kindly ensure that whether it contains a balanced amount of vitamins or not. If your body is lacking in some vitamins, then it will become off balance. Products like cereals, grain products, and “enriched” diaries have a lot of vitamins with them. Pregnant ladies and nursing persons have to be careful about what vitamins you are taking to.

fortunately, Lot of supplements are been tested well for born baby safety.

Consume your vitamin supplements from the most trusted source because factors like Quality, purity, and safety were not monitored by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unlike they do for other drugs.


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