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When to drink hot water to lose weight

when to drink hot water to lose weight

You do not need to be a nutritionist or personal trainer to realize that you are the basic recipe for good weight loss to remove extra calories from your diet while increasing your exercise. While exercise strengthens and improves your metabolism, your dietary habits will affect your waistline even more. Choose water instead of some kind of caloric drink and particularly avoid sugar-rich beverages. Water is a simple way to start jumping and prevent some weight loss. Before you drink it, don’t worry–water will work its magic at any temperature.

The Myth of Hot Water

Although the “eat a little less and walk a little more” suggestion sounds easy, weight loss may be a real challenge. It is therefore surprising that there are numerous misconceptions about how you can lose weight more easily or how you can lose weight very quickly. Another such misconception is that by drinking hot water you will lose weight. This theory is based on the premise that your digestive system needs to carry hot water down to the core temperature of your body so that it can absorb water that, according to the myth, absorbs a few calories and improves your metabolism. Because your body is using about 10 calories to absorb 100 calories, you do not waste much energy on water absorption, regardless of the water temperature. Your metabolism will not increase by drinking hot water; your body’s metabolism rate is quite constant and mainly based on your height, age, gender and genetics.

How hot water can help with weight loss

When it comes to the role of water as a possible weight loss aid, hot water can have a leg over cold water in that hot water lasts a little longer in your stomach. Hot water is absorbed faster than hot water, so drinking a cup of hot water could help you feel a little more full than drinking the same amount of cold water. Whilst this can be beneficial in preventing snacking, scientific studies have yet to validate whether the effect is significant enough to make a measurable difference. If you know you can drink hot water without taking unplanned calories throughout the day, then that might be a good strategy for you.

Drink Hot, Cold or Tepid water

 It’s fair to assume that if drinking a drink accounts for a significant amount of calories in the typical diet, potable water–whether hot, cold or indoor water–is a major step in maintaining a healthy body weight. Yet drinking water can do more than stop you from eating too many calories–it can help you eat less calories at meals. “Preloading” with water, or consuming about 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before a meal, will improve the effort to reduce weight. According to a 2015 randomized, controlled study of Obesity, dietitians who consumed water before eating reported 40 less calories per meal and lost more weight than those who did not precharge with water.

Additional ways of enjoying water

Drinking water–and making it a normal practice–is a healthy idea for any weight loss program, but only if you can maintain it long-term. Water is always an excellent alternative if you only want a little or a bit of fizz, and playing with infusions and sparkling water will help you not to get bored. A squeening of fresh citrus is a little more soothing for hot and cold weather, including crushed mint leaves, cucumber spikes or slices of peeled fresh ginger. According to a small study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology in 2012, sparkling or carbonated water can have its own possible weight loss benefits, yet consuming carbohydrate water in a empty stomach may make you feel more satisfied than consuming regular water.


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