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Women’s Weight Loss Fitness Plan

fitness plan for women

Whip your body in shape with this women’s wellness program for weight loss.

Looking for a fitness schedule to continue weight loss? Ashley Rosenberg, a group fitness instructor at modelFIT NYC, from New York City’s CAFS-based trainer, we built a four-day weight loss training program that will help improve your metabolism and build muscle from head to toe.

Implement this strength and fitness plan, but note that you do have to adopt a healthy eating program to achieve real results.

“It’s true what they say—’abs in the kitchen are made!The whole week I hold this mantra in my mind as I make quick lunch and dinner decisions,’ says Rosenberg. “Our food is the fuel that keeps us going during the day and throughout our workouts.” She says, “If you’re not eating a balanced diet, you may feel too smooth and bloated. Refined sugar triggers the inevitable fall, and when you go to the gym, Rosenberg says you won’t feel as far as you can.

You can’t “work out” a poor diet at the leisure centre. “There’s no special trick of weight loss— you only have to build a calorie deficit,” Rosenberg says. When you eat unhealthy foods, you have to kill yourself in the workout center during the day, to the point that it’s no longer fun and enjoyable. Every training will leave you feeling good and hopefully high with endorphins.

Eating the right food allows you to keep track of your workouts, Rosenberg said.

A healthy diet motivates you to start eating, allows you to sleep well, ensures long energy all day long and keeps your body strong and lean, she says.

“I follow the 90/10 rule: 90 percent of the time, I follow my diet. I encourage myself to indulge fully without remorse when I sit with my partner, friends or family at a nice meal. It’s not about having a healthy meal, it’s about enjoying my whole experience, “Rosenberg says.

“Because I know that I have the freedom to indulge on those days, keeping track the rest of the week is so much easier.”

Workout Day 1

Cardio: Jump cord intervals

Perform 30 minutes of cycles of jumping cable. Start by two minutes (jumping rope) and rest for one minute and work on the rope for up to three minutes, 30 seconds of rest.

Strength Training: Firearms & Abs

This exercise is very complex, but your arms and heart are actually going to work. Start with a slate. Take your right knee, heading for your right elbow. Keep your pose for a second, pause, relax, push up again and put back your leg until you are back in a plank position. Rest for 3 minutes, repeat for 3 sets on each side.

Instead, to push the abs easier (but still challenging!), begin with a plank and bring your right knee forward to your left elbow. Take a pause, raise the right knee to the right elbow and stop for the pause and return your foot to the starting place. Put a move up to the end and repeat on the other side for an extra challenge. That’s a package. Repeat 10 times. Rest within a set for 1 to 3 minutes.

Workout Day 2

Treadmill Intervals

These are identical to the intervals of the jump rope. Conduct these cycles of the treadmill for 30 minutes. Starting at a quick pace for 2 minutes, then jump off sideways for 1 minute of rest. Perform up to 3 minutes of hard running and rest for 30 seconds.

Strength training: Thighs and butt

Wearing 3 lb ankle weights (Rosenberg’s favorite equipment) ,Begin on all fours on a mat. (See these calorie-torching sessions when you are bored with running a program). Pull your belly button in your back and drag your hips forward, like a cow in yoga. Once your knee is bent, lift your leg to a 90 degree angle and once pulse your foot to the sky. Lower your leg gradually into the starting position with your legs lined up so that your foot will not reach the ground. Repeat twenty times. Stop at the top on #20 and do small pulses for 20 at the angle of 90 degrees. This feels like the flex foot drives up the wall. For an extra challenge, go to your knees, not with your head. Switch to the left and repeat.

Workout Day 3

Cardio: Repeat day 1 cardio.

Strength Training: Arms, Abs, and Butt

Start all fours with a mat (with ankle weights for an additional challenge).

Then draw your belly button into your spine and raise the right leg behind you. Hold the left leg on the mat and raise the left foot off the ground. Bring the elbows back across the body and rock your breast to and fro (your arms will protect your rib cage). Raise yourself, remove your left foot from the ground, and pump your right leg for one pump. Do for 1 set 20 times and turn the leg sides.

Workout Day 4

Strength training: Combine all the above listed strength training exercises— plank knee entries, sky kicks, into a circuit. Do each strength exercise for a full-body workout at least 3 times and up to 5 times.


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