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Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s Premium Reviews

xtend life total balance mens premium

Could it be the very best multivitamin for guys? You may be surprised by the solution.

The Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s Premium multivitamin is considered by many people to be the very best multivitamin for guys. For GNC, a while goods by Nature Made, One per day, along with Rainbow Light and Weider have been thought of as the very best multivitamins for guys but no more.

The product rankings number one, however, can it be one of the huge selections of merchandise, Because you can see in the multivitamin for guys positions here?

Can this multivitamin operate? It has acquired its own merchandise reviews are praiseworthy and effusive and an extremely loyal following. The Balance merchandise lineup is the flagship product of Xtend-Life and that which built its standing.

Is Your Balance Men’s Premium Vitamin Merchandise The Very Best Multivitamin for Guys?

Let us now go over this vitamin supplements supplement or nutrient supplement to the health advantages.

In accordance with Xtend-Life’s promotional literature, this”premium” model is bio-chemically made to be only for guys. Many believe Xtend-Life gets supplements or multivitamin brands. They state that they are very popular with exercise or exercise enthusiasts and they advised that they state a contrast of the vitamins in the industry.

Some of the advantages theorized by Xtend-Life are particular benefits given to guys such as advantages to the penile, enhanced general energy levels and overall health, a powerful lively libido, antioxidant or anti-inflammatory capacities, and so forth.

Many multivitamin goods now have a complete complement of assimilable vitamins, amino acids, along with other trace components inside them. That was desired.

The entire Impact Men’s Premium multivitamin option, based on Xtend-Life, includes a complete complement of minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants (all these are critical as to discourage aging), anti-glycation & methylation brokers (again, crucial to anti-aging), amino acids (essential for tissue repair) trace elements, enzymes, and neuro-nutrients and flavonoids, carotenoids, adaptogens (another anti-aging component ) calorie restriction mimetics, nutrient co-factors and perhaps even herbal extracts that fulfill British Pharmacopeia criteria.

This extensive multivitamin merchandise has 99 energetic ingredients. That far exceeds its competitors. Additionally, Xtend-Life considers its product combines herbal medication in addition to the very finest components of medicine. How can this benefit? It also means you’re becoming the sort of crucial nourishment at the cellular level which you will require according to its producer.

Anti-aging Nutrients Inside It

The supplement maker Xtend-Life considers that the positive results and advantages in their printed testimonials are extremely varied and cover the entire gambit from improved prostate health, to enhanced libido, endurance, and functionality, more relaxed sleep, increased brain performance, and much eye health advancement. It will have some nutrients created to maintain eye health As soon as it is not a watch nutritional supplement.

Aside from the minerals and vitamins, this merchandise has a great deal of anti-aging agents such as methylation brokers, adaptogens, anti-glycation brokers, etc.. Folks today forget though that E, vitamin C, and many others have strong antioxidant abilities.

Truly there goes a lot into a wholesome way of life. Vitamin supplements that are Fantastic provide health, fitness, endurance, and endurance provided you’ve got a diet that is wholesome, Xtend-Life states. Their site, incidentally, gives recipes, information, content, which can be uncommon for businesses in the nutritional supplement market.

How is this Made?

The production procedure as summarized by the FDA, subscribes to fulfills GMP compliance criteria. I state”voluntary” but in New Zealand in which the item is made their Ministry of Health manages the production of dietary supplements.

First off, the ingredients have been sourced that I’ve been in a position to validate from small business partners that vouchsafe the raw components are of the maximum quality throughout my study. In fact, an independent laboratory certifies the components. The pills are created and certified since pharmaceutical-grade excellent components per GMP (good manufacturing practices) requirements.

What exactly does this do? It affirms the innocence and cleanliness of that fixing batch. Among those matters which Xtend-Life does is imprint a batch number that is particular on the label of the bottle. The business says they also have it and also could create the batch amount desirable for record-keeping functions.

The raw ingredients have been formulated to the multivitamin pills with what Xtend-Life states are highly complex, FDA-certified along with GMP-compliant manufacturing procedures that equivalent pharmaceutical-drug quality. This is apparently authentic. 1 thing Xtend-Life has spent in is a mixing procedure that combines. That is in contrast to the customary mixers vitamin producers use.

Again, this really GMP auditing procedure is very innovative — and pricey, Xtend Life states. These criteria meet FDA or British Pharmacopoeia medication criteria.

Ahead of the vitamin pills are bottled After the pills are created, the encapsulation procedure is the step. Xtend-Life interrupts their complete Balance lineup in enteric coating versus only pharmaceutical glaze (many vitamin providers don’t even include pharmaceutical glaze). This is notable.

What’s so particular about the enteric coating? What can it be? A Nice coat is exactly what you buy when you utilize prescription medication or pharmaceuticals. It’s a coating that passes removal processes, through the machine. The coating keeps the nutrients from the gut. A vitamin pill may divide and therefore trigger its enzymes that are sensitive to be ruined. Not so using the Entire pills.

This innovative nutrient delivery process is pricey. It is the reason you view it using pharmaceutical medications although not too much with supplements or vitamin supplement solutions.

The coating is critical to the achievement of this multivitamin since it prevents the nutrients that are from being ruined by the stomach acid atmosphere. Additionally, the nutrients are preserved by the coating till they can pass to your gut where they are released into your blood.

That can be a radical departure from many vitamin supplement firms. Through urination, the nutrient value of the vitamins from inferior manufacturers almost all are removed without the security of this coating. Following is a trick, they say, to ascertain vitamin’s assimilability. Be aware of the time you inhale. That’s a very clear indication of the absence of assimilation of this tablet When it’s a yellowish or shade.

It’s during the layer due to its delivery system, Xtend-Life states When there’s one reason as to why this item is powerful. Xtend-Life says 80 percent of that 99 nourishment in the entire Balance Men’s Premium multivitamin tablet is going to be assimilated. That reality is really guaranteed by them, they say they have shown in clinical evaluations.

For more thorough info on the way the multivitamins are created at Xtend-Life, proceed here and that means you will get all of the information that you need concerning the manufacturing procedures.

Client Reviews

Complete Balance sells in the marketplace. Listed below are. That can be not an extensive collection of reviews, incidentally.

I have had ADD and allergies to so long as I can recall, particularly after age 8/9. I am 20. In the brief time that I’ve been carrying your merchandise my ADD and allergies symptoms have diminished fast…. . I understand your products are functioning since I have been taking prescription drugs to deal with my symptoms for more than a decade. As soon as I took your merchandise I stopped carrying my prescriptions turkey. In under a day I discovered my ADD was almost gone and I sleep much better, I’ve got more energy and my allergies have been reduced also. The allergies’ disappearance is a difference since spring is here and my area has been struck by allergies and I am untouched.

I’m now 57. Your nutritional supplements have made possible the next measurable differences. A Pulmonary Function Evaluation in the hospital in February 2003 (earlier using Xtend-Life goods ) revealed a 45% growth in lung capacity later utilizing Ventolin. Asthma is indicated by A 10% growth. I advised I would not receive my own lung capacity back and had been prescribed a puffer again. I Started utilizing Omega 3/DHA in December 2003, also Xtend-Life Total Balance Men’s Premium. Following utilizing Ventolin after using your products for 14 months Back in February 2005, a follow-up Pulmonary Function Evaluation showed a 15% growth in lung capacity. My Doctor was amazed with this kind of change of an irreversible illness.

I have been concerned about cancer and vitamins link. Health and Major Pharma hasn’t been synonymous. I would like a sexual lifestyle while I keep my relationship with my spouse, a career. Healthcare, Pharma & yea do not mix. Paul Offit states health could be improved by taking vitamins that are great, and that I think I have found one here. This really is a good merchandise, and I do not say that lightly. Once I take this item, I believe in my health for a difference. Thank you.

Yes. Xtend-Life really comes with a complete one-piece warranty on their whole product lineup for example, needless to say, that the entire Impact Men’s Premium merchandise. The business says you’ll be provided a refund or a merchandise replacement if you are not satisfied with the item.

What is the Cost?

As of May 7th, 2020, it retails for $51.50 each jar. Each jar has a desiccant cotton ball and 105 pills.

What About Transportation Price?

The handling and shipping is absolutely free of charge, if your purchase is $60 USD or longer. In case the purchase is much less than the 60 sum, Xtend-Life will subsequently cost a flat $6.50 shipping fee for dispatch worldwide. This fee, incidentally, applies anywhere on earth.

Which Are the Client Complaints?

Their product lineup generally, along with the largest gripe about the Balance multivitamin, is the own price tag.

Can request more if you purchased each of the minerals and vitamins individually. (I’ve affirmed this assumption for myself. If a person takes all of the nutrition in various nutritional supplements which one buys, it could be around $500.)

Is that their goods are created from lab pharmaceutical grade quality components which are made from facilities that are cGMP-compliant. They also argue that these centers really meet criteria with assorted product-creation processes that meet or even surpass the rigorous British Pharmacopoeia criteria.

Last, Xtend-Life claims that the entire Balance lineup (and also their other goods ) includes a guaranteed assimilation rate of 80 percent level. They state this amount exceeds even and over-the-counter vitamin goods competitions. Dr. Linus Pauling and many others such as James Lind, Douglas Mawson, and many others say a deficiency of the excellent vitamin is a precursor for illness. Assimilation goes a very long way.

Is This Really the Best Multivitamin for Guys?

Xtend-Life supplies plenty of pre-selling information concerning the multivitamin, and also each of their goods actually, such as real in-house clinical trials, ingredient data, health advantages you can reasonably anticipate if a person uses the item regularly, advocated protocols and so forth. You will find a good deal of information, Should you explore the site a little.


  • All of Xtend-Life goods are created in an FDA-registered and GMP-certified center
  • Xtend-Life regulates the pill production process from raw components into fabricating to bottling
  • The enteric coating is pharmaceutical excellent
  • Xtend-Life ensures that the customer will observe an improvement in their health
  • The provider guarantees that 80% minimum of these pills have been assimilated
  • each of their goods such as the entire Balance for Guys Premium merchandise includes a one-time money-back warranty.


  • It is more costly than any other multivitamin goods available on the industry
  • Transport takes occasionally more than just a week when the purchase has been created
  • Some might not like this it is a New Zealand firm rather than an American firm

Where Can One Purchase?

Xtend-Life sells its goods through its site. So that you will not find it at health-food stores or supermarket shops they sell.

As of May 7th, 2020, you can purchase it, however, you’re absolutely free to pick. Is it very ideal? It’s, in my view. In the minimum, it is worthy of concern.

It is my hope that this review was helpful, although Total Balance Men’s Premium multivitamin merchandise is your best multivitamin for guys or not is your responsibility to choose.


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