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Yoga for Weight Loss: 6 Moves to Get in Shape Fast


Practicing Yoga not only benefits cardio development, But It also helps people to eat the right things which lead to weight loss. Doing Yoga makes your life more discipline and Healthy.

“Yoga is about lengthening muscles and integrating muscles to your bones,” says Olivia Young, the founder of Box + Flow, a workout studio that combines boxing and yoga. “Yoga uses bodyweight to engage every muscle using strength, core integration, alignment, and stability making it great to boost weight loss.” 

Young, also Mentioned on bringing cardio element inside yoga flow. These flows are the six series of Yoga circuits. Each step should be done for 30 sec. and Should repeat this six yoga steps for five consecutive times for a perfect weight loss.

Downward dog Position

Start your Yoga Circuit by this Downward facing position. Keep your hands and feet on the mat, and this looks like a reversed “V” Shape. Ensure your hips and backs are up. Keep your core area tight. Your feet should be placed to the floor as close as possible and hands should hold the ground tight. Make sure your vision should face towards the feet. “Every muscle should be engaged,” says Young. “Take deep breaths—inhale and exhale—to heat up your body.”weight loss yoga

 Moving plank

The Plank Position can be achieved by Rolling your weight towards in front. Your body should be stiff and straight. Hands have to push the ground firmly and thighs need to squeeze each other. Your Body position must be in Parallel with the ground.“Everything should be pulled into the centerline of your body with this move,” says Young. She reminds you to take a deep breath.“You will start to feel your body shake. Lower down to a forearm plank—a belly fat reducer!—and hold.” Be safe on keeping your elbows under the shoulder directly. Hold this position for a few mins. And get back to the low plank. Likewise, do high and low plank simultaneously for a while.

Locust pose

Lay down your stomach aside your arms and stretch your legs. Your forehead must be in touch with the mat. Then slowly inhale and raise your head while your arms should back towards the feet. slowly raise your chest above the ground. It would be better if you can turn the finger facing back. Then slowly lift your legs with the help of inner thigh muscles. Keep your chest above while you exhale.

Side angle

To attain this position, Your right leg knee should bend 90 degrees and your left leg should be straight. Your right foot should be in a 90º position with your right leg. Your head must be facing towards the left side. Slowly inhale and exhale, your whole body weight is transferring to your right thigh. Put your right hand down and place it along with your right foot. Stretch your left arm over the head. Hold this position for a few moments and press into your feet as you exhale. Repeat this step by doing on both direction

Boat pose

Initially, Sit on the mat and bend your knees. make sure your feet to be flat. Then Keep your spine firm and lean back your hips as your legs to be straightened and feet must be in the air. Lift your chest and extend your arms towards your leg. So, the Shoulder should be in parallel with the ground. Take a balance from your sit bones and maintain this position for 30 seconds. Then exhale and back to normal position by lowering your legs and arms. 

Bridge Position

Laydown backside and bend your knees upwards. make your feet to be flat on the mat. Touch your feet with your hands by stretching your shoulder downwards. Then slowly lift your body in an upward direction and Hold for some time.


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